Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It may have felt as though I was picking on Iron Man 2 - but I really wasn't - I was just frustrated with a few of the flaws of the film. If someone was to say that they wanted to see it - I certainly would not tell them that they shouldn't watch it - it's a fun movie. It's certainly not the best superhero movie that I've seen - but it's not the worst - because if you take a look downward - you will see my picks for the worst superhero films that I have sat through.

Blankman [1994, directed by Mike Binder]
I've sat through this one more times than I'd like to admit - thanks to summer vacation, cable and boredom. A simpleton inventor creates bulletproof pajamas - and takes on a crime syndicate in an slapstick superhero romp that's sure to leave you dumbfounded.

Captain America [1990, directed by Alber Pyun]
This film was shot on a tiny budget - and it shows.

Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer [2007, directed by Tim Story]
Both of the F4 films could be in this spot - but this one in particular gets the nod as it made so little sense. The one bonus of this film is that it thankfully killed off this version of the heroes for what is rumored to be an eventual reboot.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army [2008, directed by Guillermo Del Toro]
I've got an idea - let's make a film about a guy in a big red suit whining about his girlfriend issues - and then has to be dragged into most of the action. I know this is probably an unpopular pick - but the first one had such great potential - that this sequel was a waste.

Pumaman [1980, directed by Alberto De Martino]
If I thought Hellboy was whiney - jeesh! An Aztec goes around throwing people out of windows until he finds the fabled Pumaman (a whiney scientist) who then has to save the world from some strange Aztec mask thing. This film was an assault of nonsense - and though it was funny in the wrong ways - it was also aggravating and annoying.

I'm aware of several other really awful superhero films - Daredevil, Elecktra, Batman & Robin, Ghost Rider, the original Fantastic Four film and so forth - but have not been suckered into seeing any of them - so they don't qualify for the list. Others like Meteor Man and Batman Forever were spared mostly because I barely remember watching them - so good for them.

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