Monday, May 17, 2010

Rant: A l'aventure [2009]

So, the filmmakers want you to believe that this film is about a woman who realizes she’s unsatisfied with her life – and goes off on a journey of sexual discovery.

What this movie is actually about is an old film writer/director keeps seeing all these beautiful women – he’s jealous because he’s a dirty old fuck – so he makes a movie where some woman is upset for vague reasons – an old geezer comes up to her in the park – points at a racy lingerie ad - says a few stupid things that barely make any sense – and she decides she needs to masturbate more and have different kinds of sex with different types of people.

It is rare that I shut off a movie that I haven’t already seen before I finish it – but this one needed to be taught a lesson. At 39 minutes in - the exact same thing happened 4 times - and was starting again! Lame conversations - more like monologues - and then she's off to masturbate or screw. That's it - the entire film was written to see this chick naked! Not even in a fun Tinto Brass way - in a kind of "I wonder if I can get her to do this" pervert way.

I'm not going to get into how unoriginal the story is - we all know what I think about originality in films - but fans of cult films of the 70's - who like Euro-sexual awakening films (such as myself) - are familiar with this story line and theme. The problem is - there's nothing new or racy - it's all the same. There's no sense that the director/writer - is hijacking the story and giving it their own twist - or making it watchable again. Unless you've been living in a cave - and haven't heard some of this used-to-be-taboo topics - that have been addressed in the mainstream for a while - nothing's interesting.

I guess it all would be fine – if the conversations/monologues were interesting – but they were the most dumbed down banal conversations that I would never suspect grown adults to have. Seriously? You can’t figure out how some people might find psychoanalysis interesting? Are you a preschooler? Sex and pain – yes – endorphins – no correlation? Just because you went to business school doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot to everything else in the world does it?

“Nice day out!”
“I wouldn’t know – I went to business school.”

“Would you like go grab a bite to eat?”
“I’m not hungry – I went to business school.”

“Would you like to have sex?”
“Yes, why not – I went to business school.”

I can’t rate this film – because I didn’t complete it – maybe at minute 40 things changed and the whole film would go on to become my most favorite film of all time – making Unforgiven, Little Miss Sunshine and Seven Samurai look like pieces of shit. I’m pretty safe in assuming – the rest of the film was just as bad – and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone other than a horny teenager looking for a soft-to-medium core skin flick.

[directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau]

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