Tuesday, May 25, 2010

High Snobbery!

Would you describe yourself as a movie snob?

Would you describe me as a movie snob?

Do you take it as a compliment being considered a movie snob?

By rule can a movie snob like all sorts of films - everything from lowbrow to high art?


  1. I'm not a snob, neither are you.

    I wouldn't take being called a movie snob as a compliment since it would mean I've lost the ability to enjoy the simple stuff.

    I mean, I will champion films like THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES to everyone who will listen.....doesn't mean I didn't love the hell out of AVATAR as well. I actually did a post on this a while back, which I'll email you when I have more time to dig it up.

    I wrote it around year's end, when a bunch of self-righteous publications were calling on completely snobbish choices as "Best of The Decade" (like CACHE).

  2. I think I remember your post about CACHE - and I agree with what you say...

    I'll get into a bit more of my background thinking on this post and statement later. This was kind of a "write my blog for me" today post - to see what you and D would say (since you are the guys I'm essentially writing for).

  3. I'm incredibly picky about movies, and mostly I avoid anything that's contemporary and popular. But I have such an insane love for trash cinema (I own literally dozens of Jess Franco movies) that I don't think I could ever get away with being a movie snob!

    On the other hand I don't think it's bad to be a movie snob if it simply means you're choosy and you don't feel compelled to like movies just because they're popular.

  4. D - you've got some of the most interesting movie tastes of anyone I know - and that's why I've enjoyed keeping up with your posts. Films that I would think you would like - you berate - films that I think you would hate - you kind of dig.

    I think having and embracing your own tastes in film is important - and if that means scoffing at the local multi-plex feeding frenzy on whatever's new and popular - and if that makes one a "snob" in someone's eyes - then I guess it makes you a "snob".