Thursday, February 26, 2009

Holy Bitches!

I am so jonesing for some cult movie goodness - and this trailer for an exploitation tribute movie caught my eye recently. It's loads of smashing fun - enjoy!

Run! Bitch Run! Trailer from Freak Show Entertainment on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 7th - Feb 8th - Movie Watching Part 2

Traitor [2008]

A twisting turning tale of a bomb expert in a terrorist organization that has plans for a massive strike on the US on Thanksgiving.

What ruined this film was the title. We all know terrorism is a sensitive topic – and with the lead character a Muslim bomb expert it would be perceived as a Hollywood risk. Meaning - if you want to make it hard for the audience to root for your main character initially - you'd better let them know that it's okay - because there's a twist coming (hence the title). It’d be better to leave the audience guessing the entire time – and the let the twists unfold from the perspective of the FBI agents. I liked the acting by all the principles (fantastic cast!) – it’s just the convoluted and fairly predictable story arc that does in the movie.

Recommendation: Hunt it down only if you are bored

Downfall [2004]

Chronicling the final days of World War II from the perspective of the people in Hitler’s bunker.

This could easily pass as a sort of big budget documentary on the end of the Nazi regime – with how spot on everything seems to be. The details paid to the acting – especially Bruno Ganz as Hitler was outstanding. The story humanizes the leaders of the Nazi party – yet you feel no sympathy for their plight – simply because they don’t ask for it (and in context of history – it is well documented that they don't deserve it). This is easily one of the best WWII films out there – as morbid and real one would expect it to be.

Recommendation: A must see

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 7th - Feb 8th - Movie Watching Part 1

Dirty Pretty Things [2002]

When a night porter discovers a heart in the toilet of room 510 – a series of events unfold that leave him and one of the maids facing deportation.

This film was good – not great. I thought the acting was wonderful on both the leads parts – the story was interesting and kept my attention – but nothing about it really sold me that it was anything more than good. The story – even though it was interesting – was for the most part predictable. What also bothered me was how the characters unfolded – especially the character of Senay (played by Audrey Tautou). It just didn’t seem right to me that she’d go from point A to point B personality wise in such a short time.

Recommendation: Hunt it down if you are bored

Get Carter [1971]

Mystery surrounds the death of Jack Carter’s brother (or does it?) – and Carter’s out to investigate and bring the responsible parties to the justice he sees fit.

I really liked this movie the story kept you guessing and Michael Caine was excellent as Carter. I appreciate the realism – you don’t see people in real life running at full sprint for miles - which is something I’ve been keeping a keen eye on these days. I also much prefer these kind of gangster tales than the big shot deals that seem to be popular with US audiences. The story and actors are gritty and uncaring – much more than rich and privileged. More about the film though – it’s a classic – Michael Caine brings charisma to the role that few actors could – he brings a humor and charm – as well as a believable rage. The some of filming techniques were borderline amateur – but I really liked them – it brought an interesting touch.

Recommendation: See it

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Movie Muzak

What recent movie features this track by DeVotchKa?