Thursday, May 13, 2010

Black Dynamite [2009]

Someone kills Black Dynamite's brother - and if there's one thing you should know - it's you don't want to EVER cross Black Dynamite - because this soul brother will take your jive ass down!

I really didn't expect to like this film that much - I was worried that the humor was going to be just too broad (and for the most part it is) - but it's blended well with a good eye for the films of the 70's and action that's so over the top it's great. Black Dynamite picks up and blends the various offsprings of the blaxploitation genre's with kung fu, the mac daddy, the clean up the streets - and it works - it didn't feel like they forced one part into another to try and make it work. Michael Jai White is outstanding in the title role - he plays it straight for the most part - and overacts in the right tone when required - and is a fantastic martial artist. Salli Richardson-Whitfield was alluring in the role of Gloria - the community organizer - and at times reminded me a lot of Pam Grier (which is only a plus).

To me a bit of the broad humor brought it down a wee bit even though I laughed out loud several times (not all comedy films I watch and find humorous can do this) - and the montage was a bit confusing (thought I was missing out on a joke from a blaxploitation film) - another bit of computer effects that just didn't fit in with the entire style of the film also gave this film a bit of a confusing nod down... That all said I'll be looking to add Black Dynamite to the collection because it's just a lot of fun - I'm giving it a strong 4 out of 5 - if you are looking for a fun action film - this is a must see!

[directed by Scott Sanders]


  1. I love blaxploitation movies but the broad humour part sounds worrying.

  2. If I were you - I would be hesitant. It's not like there were fart jokes or anything - but they certainly took advantage of some of the obvious jokes that were available - regarding the often low budget nature of the films, overacting and preposterous nature of linking everything via a quick discussion of Greek mythology - and for some over did it a bit.