Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top Vacation Hot Spots to Avoid

With the vacation and travel season just around the corner - I thought it'd be wise to point out some of the best vacation hot spots TO AVOID! This is a tricky list to consider because you are tempted to put down the worst places in movies - such as Hell - but unfortunately Hell isn't really a place anyone would like to visit (unless you are really into death-metal). So, I'm sticking with places that are considered - in their respective movies - places someone would want to visit on a vacation.

Honorary mention - Jurassic Park [1993, Jurassic Park] – The theme park doesn’t rank on the list simply because it never opened to the public.
Main draw – dinosaurs.
Main drawback – you’ll probably be eaten by them dinosaurs.

5. Overlook Hotel [1980, The Shining]
Main draw – beautiful hotel in secluded mountains of Colorado.
Main drawback – it’s haunted.

4. Delaware [1992, Wayne’s World]
Main draw – there’s a screen door factory.
Main drawback – there’s a screen door factory.

3. Delos Corporation Theme Parks [1973, Westworld / 1976, Futureworld]
Main draw – you get to act out your fantasies with realistic cyborgs.
Main drawback – the cyborgs will probably come to life and kill you.

2. Nilbog [1990, Troll 2]
Main draw – the country life – you get to live like your ancestors.
Main drawbacks – no grocery stores & you’ll probably be turned into a plant of some sorts and eaten by goblins.

1. Camp Crystal Lake [1980, Friday the 13th]
Main draws – gorgeous camping.
Main drawbacks – over the years hundreds of people have visited – most of them have been killed. So, there's a good chance you'll be murdered by the masked killer.

Did I miss a not so happening hot spot that you should avoid? Let me know!

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