Saturday, April 10, 2010

Island of the Honest Man (Desert Island DVD Picks)

To celebrate my 101st movie blog post – I thought we could all sit around and share your 101 favorite memories of your favorite reviews & rants. Yep... There was that one time I said something funny – oh those were the days.

How about I steal – and do a Desert Island DVD list – just like my buddy Hatts did?

What I like to do with these kind of lists is – not JUST take from my list of favorite films – because that’s no fun and it provides me with opportunities to make it different every time - and throw in some variety.

Hatts did 8 – so here’s my 8.

8. Man on Fire [2004, directed by Tony Scott]
I really like revenge films – and I don’t think I can leave for the island without a really great action packed revenge film. With Denzel Washington - one of my favorite actors leading the charge – and some memorable scenes of violence – this is my favorite remake.

7. The Lives of Others [2007, directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck]
I’m doing this list in reverse – and decided I really need a griping drama – one that’s just a ballet of great scene after great scene. It’s a thinking man’s thriller without the action.

6. Sex & Fury [1973, directed by Norifumi Suzuki – Panik House edition]
It’s got Reiko Ike and Christina Lindberg – which is enough for me! It also features one of the single greatest most beautifully shot action sequences that I have ever seen in Ocho’s nude sword fight.

5. Army of Darkness [1992, directed by Sam Raimi – Boomstick Edition]
It’s a fun action, horror, slapstick comedy – that delivers. I might be more tempted to take Evil Dead 2 – but all the best lines and Bruce Campbell at his finest in badassery kind of trumps out.

4. Rushmore [1998, directed by Wes Anderson – Criterion Collection]
It’s funny without the knee-slapping jokes – and endearing testament to being your self – plus it’s got the best soundtrack & Bill Murray!

3. Seven Samurai [1954, directed by Akira Kurosawa – Criterion Collection]
It’s an epic by all accounts. It’s an action drama – that just happens to be one of the single most complete and beautifully made films I have ever seen.

2. Little Miss Sunshine [2006, directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valarie Faris]
This is my all time favorite comedy – it’s a mix of bitter – but mostly sweet – and it never fails to make me feel great. No matter how messed up you are – it’s always best to be yourself.

1. Unforgiven [1992, directed by Clint Eastwood – the 10th Anniversary Edition]
This is my favorite film of all time – so it’s a no brainer grab for my trip. It’s a deep and interesting testament to the anti-hero of the Western – it’s dark – I would even argue that it’s supernatural.

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