Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joseph W. Sarno [1921-2010]

In one of my first reviews on my movie blog - I wasn't very kind to Joseph Sarno - and was corrected in the comments section that The Devil's Plaything [1973] (the movie I was reviewing) was one of his only foray's outside of the sexploitation genre.

Later, I ended up watching Swedish Wildcats [1972] which featured one of my favorite exploitation actresses - Christina Lindberg - and found it much more to my liking - though it was truly bizarre. The charismatic Diana Dors (pictured) as the head mistress/ring leader of a sex auction house where the women are painted like animals - the film then branches out to be a bit more of an intimate look into the women's lives. It was interesting, surprising - and kept me quite entertained.

I'm glad that he's been vindicated in my eyes - unfortunately instead of my next mention of Joe Sarno is me correcting myself - I mention his passing.

Rest in peace, sir.

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  1. Christina Lindberg is generally worth watching in anything. She has this strange intensity that makes her rather fascinating.