Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moon [2009]

Sam is finishing up a 3-year tour on the darkside of the moon as a collector of clean efficient renewable energy – when he has an accident. He wakes up to discover that he’s not as alone as he thought – there’s another Sam!! Is he cracking up? Or is there something the company isn’t sharing about his mission?

It’s an interesting and intelligent bit of science fiction – dealing with isolation and humanity. There’s a few interesting twists in the tale – and all of which don’t try to be the sum of the film – just part of an investigation Sam has to go through. It was interesting seeing – or more accurately hearing – Kevin Spacey in something of some merit again – as he voiced Sam’s only companion the robot GERTY. Ultimately though, I found the story or the ending a bit lacking – I’m not sure which – so I’ll give it a solid 4 out of 5 and call it a day.

[directed by Duncan Jones]

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  1. Loved this one. My fellow blogger Univarn actually called it his favorite of the year.

    Dug the slight nods back to 2001.