Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Mod Squad [1999]

I’ll start off by saying – I have a real soft spot in my heart for this movie. I’m not sure why – it’s flawed – barely makes sense in parts – and at times it’s just downright stupid – but I love it so much. It’s my movie equivalent of comfort food – of that hug that you get when your world is being put right.

Three young people busted for doing various crimes are given a second chance to be cops – but when their supervisor (the only one who believes in them) is killed they have to weed out the conspiracy to find out what happened and bring justice to all.

So, let me admit – that it doesn’t make much sense that even though the bad guys leave such large footprints in their wake – and though internal affairs has been looking into it – it’s the kids who solve the crime. I’ll also admit that the fact that the bad guys are so concerned that these kids will actually solve the crime – after they’ve spent most of the movie mocking the kids for being kids doesn’t make much sense either.

This should be enough – and probably are part of the root reasoning why not many people take this film too seriously – and though I don’t take it seriously – I still give it high marks. Here’s why...

Claire Danes is at her cutest in this film – and she spends enough time in her underwear and in tight fitting clothing – and it pleases me. She’s still looking for a suitable follow-up role to this film where she can dress in stylish clothing and chase people around.

Kill me if you want to – but I find Giovanni Ribisi both funny and talented – and he’s at this most Ribisi-ist in this film! He coined the classic “Yeah, Bob!” catch phrase that everyone has been saying ever since the movie came out. Ask yourself – when was the last week you can remember that you didn’t say “Yeah, Bob!” – it was probably the week before this movie came out! He also did some car dancing – and plenty of goofing off – that makes his performance one for the ages. Plus, he's in Avatar - and he's the reason why Avatar is considered one of the greatest films - and why everyone paid so much and made it the top grossing film ever!

Omar Epps is also an actor who for some reason – I just enjoy seeing in things and the fact that he’s in House MD almost every week – pleases me. Seriously, I think he’s a pretty good actor – he’s got the whole internal conflict thing down pat – if he could just get some roles to show it. In The Mod Squad he’s not very charismatic – but he’s good for the part.

Richard Jenkins is in this – and I didn’t realize how much I also enjoy seeing him in things since I watched him act his bit part actor ass off in the lead role in fantastic film - The Visitor.

It’s fun – light – has some fun action scenes that don’t go on forever become redundant and boring – including probably two of the shortest car chases you’ll ever see. It’s a film you can pop in and watch and not worry if you are paying full attention – it’s an all purpose boredom killer. Though it’s got plot holes and things that would normally bother me – it’s a perfect storm of sorts in my mind of bad mixed with good.

I give it full marks – 5 out of 5 – and I realize I may be the only one ever to give it that.

[directed by Scott Silver]

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