Sunday, March 21, 2010

Claire Danes

Hey, Claire Danes - it's been a while. How have you been? I've always expected to hear way more about you and all the interesting roles you're taking and because you've got a natural beauty and plenty of acting talent. Why is it you're star doesn't seem as high as it should be? Do you not want to be huge and followed everywhere by photographers and gossipers (which I can't blame you for that) - but you still took a chance on T3 and Stardust - which if they were huge... I don't know - I'm just asking because well... Aw, schucks - I've always thought you were pretty.

I hope's all's well with you! Take care!


  1. She's not half bad in ME & ORSON WELLES. Give it a look!

  2. I've had a mild interest in that film - so I'll turn that up a bit and give it a look see. Thanks, Hats!

  3. I loved her in Romeo + Juliet. I can't recall seeing her in anything else. I've seen Stardust, but I've totally forgotten everything about it.

  4. D, the only thing you need to remember about Stardust - is to not watch it again! It was a disgrace of talent across the board - trying to capatalize on the popularity of blockbuster fantasy films like Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings. As I wrote this up I completely forgot I had seen it - but slowly it came back to me...

    Then again - knowing how you love to go against convention - you may end up enjoying it...