Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Viewing - Feb 19-21 (part 1)

Shutter Island [2010, directed by Martin Scorsese]

A patient has escaped from the mental hospital on Shutter Island – and two US Marshals are brought in to investigate. The more they investigate – the more questions they raise as to what’s really happening on the island.

Shutter Island is a good film if you want to be taken for a ride that will tease your brain – and at times frustrate you. I’m really not quite sure how I want to rate this film – on it’s surface and looking back – I’d give it a 4 – but I’m not sure if that 4 would last under more scrutiny.

On a side note – my dad told me he had a dream about the movie (which he hadn’t seen) – and basically told me what my thoughts were half-way through the film on what was happening. If he only knew how right he was.

Kelly’s Heroes [1970, directed by Brian Hutton]

Kelly got wind of $16 million in gold behind Nazi lines – and hatches a plan to go and get it.

This film has aged badly – the humor – the soundtrack – the direction – the pacing – all doesn't really work in today's eye. Donald Sutherland’s Oddball character – felt completely out of place – I know he was supposed to be a gypsy or something – but came off as a hippie – which in WWII felt wrong. All that said it was kind of fun – and I liked it just a tick more than I disliked it – I’m stretching out and giving it a 3 out of 5.

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