Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar picks from someone who shouldn't be picking his nose...

The Academy Award nominations have been announced today - and they all sound very bland to me - nothing unexpected - mostly just going through the motions. Big name directors/actors/actresses who made films - got nods - big push Oscar bait films got nods. Even though I'm underwhelmed with the nominees - I'll make picks. Unless there's a Norbit 2 in any of my picks futures - I'll stick to my premature picks.

Best picture - The Artist will win - Oscar voters have proven they love nostalgia and they rarely go out on a limb unless it's to award something that truly doesn't deserve to win over something "controversial". This film panders to them perfectly with celebrating Hollywood and it's got the silent film novelty shine - perfect bait.

Best Director - Whoever directed The Artist - that seems to be the Oscar voters usual MO - whoever wins best director wins best picture.

Best Actor - George Clooney will take this one over Brad Pitt - the academy loves Clooney - but I'd prefer to see Gary Oldman win it. I really like the three of them - so whoever takes it I'll be happy.

Best Actress - Michelle Williams will finally get her bell rung for this one - and why not? She's a great actress - she is quite deserving of the award - she's been "owed" this one. Streep is always a threat though.

Best Supporting Actor - Christopher Plummer - without Albert Brooks in the race (who seemed a shoo-in for a nomination) Plummer is a given - gotta honor these legacy actors before they die.

Best Supporting Actress - Berenice Bejo is my pick - I think The Help actresses will cancel each other out - it's fun that Melissa McCarthy was nominated - but she'll probably not win for a raunchy comedy - and so it's between Bejo and McTeer - and without a bulk of major nominations for the film Albert Nobbs - I'll assume that they'll prefer to give another nod to The Artist - thus I pick Bejo

Original Screenplay - Midnight in Paris will win this one - because can a silent film really win for a screenplay? I mean - it can't - can it?

Adapted Screenplay - The Descendants will win this one - seems to have the momentum to win this one

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  1. It's nice to see I wasn't the only one unimpressed with "the Artist."