Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I made this!

I'm sitting here typing out how I want to introduce the fact that I'm either going to start an art blog - or every so often you will get some art spam on this blog - but it's sounding more and more bullshitty every time I type it out

This started as a movie blog - but has now encompasses music - video games - movies - chicks - now "art"? Shit! Some of you people didn't sign up for this crap!

I'm also trying to articulate that it's been a long time - probably 10-years - since I had been dedicated to working on my artistic talents - so if it looks like crap - know I'm working on getting better - I promise it will look better to you than to me because I see the details that I missed and the spots where I really fucked up (and the cheap oil pastels don't help) - I have such a critical eye for myself - as I think most creative people do

But my articulations into narrative words that make a sweet little tale of how I'm making myself happy by drawing/painting and whatnot just keep sounding like I'm shitting out of my mouth - so SHIT - here I made this...

Shed & Wagon (based on a photograph) - in (really cheap) oil pastels on mixed media paper - 1/22/2012

This one was a result of overworking my art to death for several days - so I sketched it in 45 minutes in charcoal and called it a day - Rashomon - 1/17/2012

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