Sunday, January 1, 2012

Movie Blogging in 2012

Do you have any end of the year/beginning of the year movie traditions? What's the first movie you'll be watching in 2012? Any movie related resolutions?

The end of the year usually meant that I would watch all the Lord of the Ring extended cuts consecutively in one day... But I didn't do that this year for various reasons.

I've been wondering what movie I should watch first - I've got Chaplin's MODERN TIMES on Blu that I received for the holiday and the Bollywood film GUMNAAM that are the finalists...

As for movie related resolutions - I'm thinking of trying to make sure I watch more of what I've got before I buy new movies - and try and get back to watching more cult films. LuLu and I broke up in the past couple months - and last year I didn't watch as many movies from out of my own vaults because I was better entertained with LuLu - and I think it's probably about time to catch up.


  1. We had a run of awesomeness on new years eve day with 80's movies: Christine, April Fools Day, the Blob, Fright Night and the Howling. Why? Well we were bored, tired and didn't want to go anywhere.

  2. You had me so scared here. "Oh crap, what WAS the first movie I watched this year? For God's sake, don't let it be Black X-Mas!" Luckily it was "Gremlins," which I stand behind anytime, and "Kuroneko" which I didn't particularly enjoy.