Friday, June 24, 2011

Cage Match

Someone came walking by my desk explaining to another coworker that Nicolas Cage’s GHOST RIDER was really good – and that she should watch it. He went on to explain just mere feet from my desk how many great Nicolas Cage films there are - listing them off title after title... I just wondered if someone was putting me on. Seriously? Nick Cage?

CON AIR, THE ROCK and GONE IN 60 SECONDS – were fun action films – but not great films by any stretch – and honestly they would’ve been just as fun with any actor in his role. I foolishly kept giving him the benefit of the doubt – and going – “this will be the film that will fix his reputation” – and I’m always disappointed. I know there are several people who will stand by this guy until the day the last multiplex explodes – but for the life of me – I don’t get it.

That’s fine. That’s good. I’m not looking to make anyone agree with me. Everyone should be free to like what they like movie-wise – and not be judged for it. With that conversation literally walking up to me - it’s just becoming obvious with each passing Nicholas Cage film – I realize how little I like his movies.

So, is anyone excited to see him revise the role of Ghost Rider? (and not see Ed Norton revise his role as the Hulk in another sequel to one of the best comic book movies of the past decade – mostly due to the weight of Norton’s performance and his dedication to helping write the script for a good story regardless of the special effect monsters)


  1. Wow you are totally right there! I thought I was one of the only people that is consistantly sad with Nik Cage movies. I have tried sooooo many of them and they leave me confused, angry and then sad each time.

    I am/ was a big Ghost Rider comic fan and then Nik Cage gets tapped for the movie. I wept on the inside as I knew he would kill the character. That and him in the movie instantly dropped it's potential to be descent.

    This guy just plain sucks as an actor. He is also in like 4-5 movies a year so I have to see his face at least once a quarter, and it blows goats.

    I will no longer give this guy a chance I have been burned too many times by Mr. Cage and his horrid acting and movie choices.

    Totally agree with Ed Norton (now there is a good actor)not getting a shot at Bruce Banner again.

  2. Could you have imagined if he accepted the role of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings? That's one of those roles that really make me wonder what people see in this guy that he was even considered... That trilogy would've been awful with Cage...

  3. or Superman? Fething Nik Cage as Superman? What the Hell does Hollywood have with this guy?