Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black Death [2010]

The GAME OF THRONES chatter on the various websites I frequent has made me interested in watching Sean Bean in stuff – unfortunately Sean Bean did not carry me through this film. The film itself felt like it just kind of chugged along not wanting to pick a pace – not bothering to endear itself to any of the characters OR build up the spook talk enough for me to be interested in what was going to happen. I found the monk character to be particularly flat and uninteresting – and the fact that the knights did not explain what they expected of him – made me not care a lick about his subplot. I just felt that there were scenes missing – and what should’ve ended up on the cutting room floor was what was left.

Once they started having dinner at the village – I told myself that I was giving the movie another 15 minutes to capture my interest – then I promptly fell asleep until they were being shouted at in cages – and didn’t want to go back and see what lead them to that point. I realize I was too sleepy to watch it and be fair – but it’s not one that I feel like I need to go back to apologize to.

Is it worth going back?

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