Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moving Day

Thank God, not for me! But for 2 family members and a good friend - which on top of helping LuLu move a couple weeks ago - means I'm over moving... Though it's nice to get a little unwanted by them - but much needed by me - swag!

For some reason - every time moving comes up I for some reason think of this Richard Pryor film. I have vague memories of watching it long ago - but couldn't tell you anything about it - but still it haunts me. Has anyone heard of it? Seen it? Like it? Or is it one of those bad 80's films that we've all erased from our collective conscience?

I only really recall watching ONE Richard Pryor film - and that was SILVER STREAK - and I ALWAYS tuned in at the same spot... When Gene Wilder paints his face and starts pretending to be black. Which always made me go - what the hell?

Anyway... Have a great weekend everyone!

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