Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Films of Romance

This entry is brought to you by LuLu Danger and cblaze

I tend to blog mostly about “guy” movies – so I figured after my recent trip – and finally getting to spend some time with my girl, LuLu Danger, I figured I should make a point to blog about rom-coms with her.

As the Blockbuster in the area was closing – I went in and decided that I would stock up on some romantic comedies for my LuLu. The movies were only $3 each – so I took a chance on films I had not seen – and picked up FOUR CHRISTMASES, A GOOD YEAR, LAST CHANCE HARVEY, THE YELLOW HANKERCHEIF and THE WAITRESS

A GOOD YEAR: directed by Ridley Scott and staring Russell Crowe set in France – Russell plays a big shot who inherits a villa and vineyard – intent on selling it – he instead falls in love with it and a local girl.

cblaze says: Out of curiosity of Ridley Scott’s involvement – I watched this one on my own – and I was pleasantly surprised. It was quite good and made me happy. It followed the romantic comedy formula – of girl hates guy – but then falls madly in love with guy when he changes his shallow ways. Scott didn’t bring much to it as a director – but it must have been a nice change of pace for them to work together on something low-key.

LuLu Danger says: I agree that the movie was predictable, but that predictable recipe is what makes the romantic comedy the comfort food of movies. There are no big surprises, the couple finds love and rides off into the blissful sunset to live happily ever after.

LAST CHANCE HARVEY: Harvey seems to be losing everywhere he turns – he’s being pushed out of his job – his family seems embarrassed by him – he misses his flight back to the US after his daughter’s wedding in London – and just when it all feels like it’s over for him and he’s going to drink himself into a coma – he meets Kate.

cblaze says: It was a cute film. They didn’t dig into what made Harvey such a losing character – especially with his family – but I guess that’s not as important – though it was up for debate between LuLu and I. It also wasn’t an “original” story (remember what I think about originality in films: it’s overrated) – but it was great because you wanted to see Harvey finally “win” – and that’s all that matters – likable characters and some fun.

LuLu Danger says: I thought Harvey and Kate were a little too safe, likeable, but bland. The movie was cute, and life worked out in the end for Harvey and Kate. The best part of this movie was getting to watch it with cblaze over a few Summer Shandys.

cblaze says: I’ve seen THE WAITRESS a while back – don’t remember that much of it other than I thought it as cute and remembered that the writer/director/co-star was murdered ¾’s of the way through making the film. I had not seen THE YELLOW HANKERCHEIF but if our weekend worked out like planned I would’ve liked to have watched it with you. As for FOUR CHRISTMASES - not so interested.

LuLu Danger says: Have not seen the Waitress. Four Christmases was dumb, but had its merits in staring Vince Vaughn, whom I have a secret crush on. It effectively will kill about an hour and a half of your time and you can nod off for about 45 minutes of that, and not miss much. The Yellow Handkerchief was wonderful, sweet and quirky. I loved it. I can watch this one again and again. I love the romantic comedy. They are safe, fun and predictable….just what a girl needs after a hard day of fighting crime.

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