Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let me count the ways I loved Ewan McGregor

Strangers on the street keep approaching me asking me what I thought of ‘Angels & Demons’. I keep having to tell everyone – that I haven’t seen it – and wasn’t really planning on seeing it. Not to say it looks terrible – but I’m just not interested.

They then remind me that Ewan McGregor is in it – and they go on to remind me about the “goal” I had set for myself of seeing every Ewan film. I have to reason with them – that I made that goal 10 years ago – during The Phantom Menace excitement – and I can’t be held responsible for my actions back then. Well, that – and I don’t feel he’s done much lately that’s peaked my interest acting wise – I still think he’s a good actor – but his film choices haven’t spoken to me in a while.

So, how about I list off my top Ewan movies – and you can get your fix on my take of Ewan McGregor - instead of me sitting through ‘Angels & Demons’. Sounds fair – right?

8 – Rogue Trader [1999] – Not really an “important” film – or on many people’s radar – but an interesting film none-the-less. I often think of this film when I hear about the current US economy.

7 – A Life Less Ordinary [1997] – A pulpy trash kind of love story – directed by Danny Boyle – that’s just a lot of fun to watch.

6 – Nightwatch [1997] – Much like A Life Less Ordinary – this is a pulpy trash crime drama is just fun to watch.

5 – Stay [2005] – I like this film – even though someone who never saw it told me it’s “bad”. Strong performances and an interesting story really make the film.

4 – Down With Love [2003] – I realize this is a remake and has Renee Zellweger in it and is completely formulaic – but it’s still quite fun.

3 – Shallow Grave [1994] – This Danny Boyle directed tale about how money stands between even the closest of friends – plays out like a Twilight Zone episode.

2 – Velvet Goldmine [1998] – It’s the tale of when Maxwell Demon (a thinly veiled David Bowie stand in) fell in love with Zakk Wylde (thinly veiled Iggy Pop) – with Ewan playing Iggy. Told in the style of Citizen Kane – this film has star power to spare and the classic rise and fall of power and fame – as well as one of the best soundtracks of any film I know.

1 – Trainspotting [1996] – Also directed by Danny Boyle – isn’t that amazing? Maybe Ewan needs to get Danny on the phone, huh? Anyway - sometimes the craziest people aren’t the ones on drugs. A solid cast – great pacing and outstanding soundtrack made this film my favorite of all time for a long time – and it still stands as Ewan’s best film.

“Hey! You can’t have a top 8 – that doesn’t make sense! Just add a couple films and make it a top 10!”

“No! I’m not going to put in something that I don’t truly like just to fill in the list. I’ve seen Brassed Off, Little Voice, Eye of the Beholder, the Star Wars prequels, Black Hawk Down (which would go down but he’s got such a small role), Big Fish, The Island and several other films – that I’m not putting them on MY list to fill space. Go make your own if a “top 8” makes you uncomfortable.”

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