Saturday, May 30, 2009

Frost/Nixon [2008] - Quick thoughts

Frost/Nixon was interesting – but what I found more interesting was that the studio included the actual footage of the real interview on the DVD – and how much Ron Howard decided to “drama” it up. The movie leads you to believe that Richard Nixon was very animate about his statement “if the President does it – that means it’s not illegal” – but when you watch the real thing he just says it. It’s a grand statement – there’s no denying that – but not as tense and huge as Howard would have you believe.

You throw that up on the fact that Frank Langella’s performance as Richard Nixon – was more like an impersonation than an actual performance. He reminded me more of the Futurama version of Richard Nixon – than the one that they show in the interviews. Do you think we wouldn’t know him as Nixon unless he did the bulldog growl voice? I was expecting him to mention how much he loves Charleston Chews!

I’m actually left a little flabbergasted why this film was considered THAT much better than a few other films last year. Not to say I didn’t like it – it’s just so “Hollywooded” up that I feel a bit jipped – I’m glad it’s a dramatization rather than a reenactment.

I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

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