Friday, May 27, 2011

Too Much Too Often

My “to watch” pile is starting to get a little out of control. I deem these films worth owning – yet – I watch my Netflix discs instead of them because I’m paying monthly for Netflix. I’m starting to wonder if this is what the ultimate flaw of Netflix for movie collectors/watchers.

Blockbuster was too late to recognize the advantages of Netflix – and they suffered. To me though, Blockbuster was deemed obsolete when I realized that their limited selection left me watching movies I didn’t really want to watch.

Netflix on the other hand had a much larger selection – which I love – movies that were passed up on my BB queue over and over were in my hands in days. So, it’s ironic that what I once felt was their main advantage is now their downfall.

I’m constantly finding interesting sounding movies on Netflix – and throwing them on the queue – but each new movie on the queue means one less chance to watch something off the shelf. Take into account that I’m not spending as much time watching movies these days – it adds up to a losing situation for the movies on my shelves – movies I know are good instead of movies I’m taking a chance on every week.

So, it’s time that I edit my Netflix subscription to send me less. It’s time to stop wondering if I want to add a Gold Subscription to my XBOX so I can stream to my TV. It’s time to start shrinking the pile of “to watch” and catch up with the old friends on the shelf.

Now, the disclaimer – this means that my blog might get stale – watching stuff I’ve probably already mentioned. It also means that my Director’s Roulette I’ve got planned might not be any good – as I have not seen films by some of the directors I picked (which I did on purpose to make me watch more movies).

I would like a way to supplement that – as the ABC-DVD collection is almost over – and doing that kept me working my blog every day – even though it was scheduled ahead of time. I might just do a director/actress/actor roulette thingy – or maybe not blog as much.

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