Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Q is for...

Daniel Craig hasn't lost a step since Casino Royale--this James Bond remains dangerous, a man who could earn that license to kill in brutal hand-to-hand combat… but still look sharp in a tailored suit. And Quantum of Solance itself carries on from the previous film like no other 007 movie, with Bond nursing his anger from the Casino Royale storyline and vowing blood revenge on those responsible. For the new plot, we have villain Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), intent on controlling the water rights in impoverished Third World nations and happy to overthrow a dictator or two to get his way. Olga Kurylenko is very much in the "Bond girl" tradition, but in the Ursula Andress way, not the Denise Richards way. And Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, and Giancarlo Giannini are welcome holdovers. If director Marc Forster and the longtime Bond production team seem a little too eager to embrace the continuity-shredding style of the Bourne pictures (especially in a nearly incomprehensible opening car chase), they nevertheless quiet down and get into a dark, concentrated groove soon enough. And the theme song, "Another Way to Die," penned by Jack White and performed by him and Alicia Keys, is actually good (at times Keys seems to be channeling Shirley Bassey--nice). Of course it all comes down to Craig. And he kills. (synopsis provided by Amazon.com)

released 2008

directed by Marc Forster


  1. Daniel Craig just really rubs me up the wrong way. To me he just seems so wrong for the role.

  2. After reading your series of reviews on the Bond films - I can understand why you don't care for him in the role. I think the focus of the franchise has shifted so much (from spy to blockbuster action) that no matter who was in the role - it would probably rub you wrong.

    Q was a difficult letter to do in this series as I only had this one for the longest time - it was an impulse buy during a Black Friday sale - got it and Casino Royale for a couple bucks - they are okay for mindless action films - certainly not as great of a film that I want to show off in this series - but it's a 'Q'