Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easy A [2010]

Son of a bitch...

I had a whole entry written up about my likes and dislikes and they were well thought out and well put and interesting - published it Thursday for Saturday... but Blogger apparently lost it all. I have a habit of thinking my reviews out in my head - writing them out in a Word doc on the side while I'm doing other things - and then once done - I copy and paste - schedule - and close (and not save) the word doc and forget. So, my review for EASY A is lost. Okay... Here's the rundown...
It's a good movie - I agreed that the whole approach of "who cares when you lose your virginity" approach - sick of those other teen movies that obsess about it. I liked the acting for the most part - even if I felt the characters were written without a lot of depth. I liked the questions raised about perception versus reality of which is worse. Didn't care for how no one ever seemed to listen to Olive at all - even when she was getting the attention - that really bothered me. Also, didn't find it realistic how quick Olive embraced her "bad" girl persona - a little bit of time denying would've been more realistic instead of going out and going nuts buying corsets to wear to school.

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