Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekend Viewing - Aug 27-29

The Losers [2010]

Stupid movie... I mean stupid action movie... I can judge a film pretty easy once it gets to the climax where they save up the biggest action scenes - and I walk away to do laundry. This was a perfect example... Not one ounce of me cared or was gripped to the screen. Sure I saw that one dude get shot in both knees - him bitch about it for a couple scenes to drill in the fact that he can't stand or walk or anything - then the next night RUN... RUN... REPEAT... RUN... to see his wife giving birth... Stupid... Movie...

Repo Men [2010]

Nope... This one was dumb too... Not happy with my Netflix viewing this past weekend... Not at all. Thought it could be fun - and if it kept up the pace from the beginning of the film - it would've been - but they could not... Meandered off into Jude Law's love life - and how he felt all shitty about being a mean person... No suspense... Would've walked off - but I got all my laundry done while watching The Losers...

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