Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Tooth Fairy [2010]

Here’s a review of a movie I haven’t seen.

Disney’s The Tooth Fairy starring DeWayne “The Rock” Johnson, is a riveting tale of what one man can do when put under such pressure by the corrupt and evil Easter Bunnies. The Rock plays a character who plays hockey – and he’s so very good at hockey that they call him by the time honored name “The Tooth Fairy” which is the most common hockey lingo name for a really good player.

The real Tooth Fairy society, of real fairies, need a really good hockey player to teach them how to play hockey in order to beat out the Easter Bunnies in the tournament of magical creatures. They take notice that The Rock is called The Tooth Fairy – so they fudge his application and kidnap him to make him play for their team. The Easter Bunnies don’t believe that The Rock is a real Tooth Fairy – even though The Rock has a lot of bling that has “The Tooth Fairy” on it.

So, to further the fairies plan to get The Rock to play on their hockey team – they make him work as a real Tooth Fairy – that’s where he meets Julie Andrews who I was frankly surprised to see wanted to be in movies anymore - Billy Crystal (in his best performance since My Giant) and the always hilarious Stephen Merchant (who’s famously known as the tall googly eyed guy that hangs around Ricky Gervais a lot) – they need to train The Rock to be an actual Tooth Fairy in order to keep his cover.

Everyone has a tough time at this – because The Rock is The Rock – and he teaches them how to do things his way – and they learn to appreciate him for him – The Rock learns to appreciate the fairies – and the Easter Bunnies have to forfeit the hockey game because half of them got ran over by a bus that was filled with The Rock’s real hockey pals who were put on a bus to their away game by The Rock in a surprising twist.

This movie was surprisingly violent for a Disney film – and considering the comedic talent involved I didn’t laugh once. I started wondering if I was indeed watching the correct film – so I looked at the DVD box read the description – and decided that Leonardo DiCaprio’s part is way too small. I wasn’t sure if the diamond smuggling was happening on the side or if they were mixed in with all the teeth.

Anyway, the film was good – if not a bit strange – kind of surreal in a David Lynch way but done with the blunt force of a Jerry Bruckheimer film. I recommend it completely and thinks everyone should go see it and watch past the credits for an Iron Man cameo.

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