Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seems like a good idea at the time?

I really liked the movie Avatar – I would even place it in my top 5 of 2009. It’s a stunning piece of film making. The story is a bit – been-there-done-that – but if told adeptly it makes a heck of a good movie – and Avatar is. It was the first movie I watched using new 3D technology – and even though I expected a headache – I was impressed that the whole film came through clear and beautifully layered and without headaches.

The interesting thing about Avatar is that it cost so much – that I personally feel that if they took and made the story more complex – they would’ve turned off a lot of people and they wouldn’t have been able to break even. So, the simplistic story makes sense –and it’s paying off – and will be the highest grossing film of all time shortly.

I just wonder if people are getting a little too wrapped up in the moment. There are people reporting a depression that stems from not being able to live on the Na'vi home world, Pandora. There’s a report that a province in China is cashing in – renaming a mountain after the film (which happens to have inspired the floating mountains in the film).

It can be fun to get wrapped up in a film – that’s what film viewers always crave – a great experience that sticks with you. I guess – Avatar is that to an extreme for some people now – but will it be in the future? I’ve been dumbfounded on how much technology has changed in films during my lifetime – will Avatar ever look dated?

Will it mark this time period in history like The Hurt Locker will end up defining it? Or will it help explain the malaise of the modern human condition like Up in the Air? Will it look silly that they gave the Best Picture award to this film as the momentum has suggested?

I guess what I wonder is – is it going to be winning for the visuals and not the story? It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened – but is it right? (Not that the award means anything to me – just thinking about it)

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