Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get Your Hands Off of My Woman, Mother Fucker!

I've spent nearly all day listening to The Darkness and Andrew WK - and just now during Get Your Hands Off of My Woman (The Darkness) (probably my 6th time hearing it today) - this scene flashed through my head... say it with me... "Hey you... Get your damn hands off her!"

Funny how I can spend some days listening to the same 5-6 songs over and over - and still keep my ear available for new music all the time...


  1. which is just as weird as i watched this like an hour agon on hbo.

    andrew w.k. fraking rules!
    the darkness i had big hopes for, they really felt like they were going to be the new queen. sadly that didn't pan out.

  2. Funny you should say that - when The Darkness 'hit' I pulled my brother aside (who was a HUGE Queen fan) - I said "listen to this guy - he's got a Freddy Mercury quality to him - it's a pretty rad band" (that was back in the day when I still said "rad")... He looked at me and said "nah" and that was it - The Darkness was sunk right then and there... Even though my brother won't let go of Jet as a one/two hit wonder - he can still sink a band...