Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bad Movie Day

Interesting day when it comes to movies currently developing...

I rented BABA YAGA from Netflix a last week - and it came cracked in half - I sent it back right away - requested another copy - they sent me the cracked in half copy AGAIN... So, I held onto the cracked in half copy - requested a another - then once I got a good copy - I sent the cracked version back... Just got an e-mail today - Netflix only received a empty envelope.

Now, I will be surprised if they try and charge me for it - it seems like a common loss issue with that kind of company - but they can't expect me to pay for a disc that was cracked in half... Could they?

This is ironically funny because I rented it along with SUBMARINE - which I rented a month or two ago - only for it to be delivered to the wrong address - and returned immediately - then their auditing program asked me when I recieved it... NEVER! I never got it! Why isn't NEVER an option?

So, I'm fairly certain SUBMARINE is a cursed movie.


First week in January I decided to start catching up on Jess Franco films - going throught he Amazon Marketplace - I ordered a used copy of JACK THE RIPPER which has been out of print for a while - and a new copy of LORNA THE EXORCIST which suddenly was out of stock everywhere - causing me to get nervous that this brand new release was already out of print.

I got JACK THE RIPPER right quick - watched it - loved it - and on the 10th I got notice that LORNA was only a couple towns away. Then I waited... And waited... And sent a note to the seller - they told me to wait - even though it had been two weeks since it was checked in a couple towns away... So, I waited again...

I asked once again yesterday and got a response today that they will be issuing a refund and if it ever shows up to send it back... BUT I STILL WANT IT!!!!!

So, I headed back to Amazon - and they had a copy - shipping from Amazon - for cheaper... Bastards... I'll get it on Saturday... FACE PALM!!!

I can't help but laugh at the movie madness today - hoping my movie luck gets better later tonight...

In yesterday's news... I watched my blu-ray copy of DRIVE - so motherfucking good - it made me wonder where it "ranks" it's so good - and it might be a TOP 10 FAVORITE

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