Friday, July 1, 2011

The Last DJ

If there should be a day where I am not posting anymore – and you hear the dreadful news of famed blogger cblaze has been brutally murdered – I just want to let everyone know; the Terminator did it.

You know when you realize that you are destined for great things? Of course you don’t. Well, let me tell you it’s a great feeling! Not only was I destined to write the most popular movie blog on the planet – but I’m also going to be the leader of the resistance against the robot army of Apple in the future. I know you’re used to the story about it being Skynet – and it’s cute that you all believe that – but are you not paying attention to Apple?

Anyway – much like the Terminator did in the first movie – it’s going through the phone book searching me out and trying to terminate me – but in these modern times he’s Googling me. What I’ve got going for me though – is my DJ decoy out in South Carolina (yes, someone stole my handle and is DJ’ing under it – but unfortunately for the DJ – it’s my birthright – not just something that I came up with that sounds cool).

Sometimes, I wonder if my blog traffic is coming mostly from fans of this DJ? I also wonder if this DJ is getting questions regarding what I post on my blog? Since the hits on Ewan McGregor are out of control on my movie blog – I wonder if he has a connection to Ewan that’s crossing lines with my existence.

I wish this DJ all the luck in the world – I hope he can live up to the fame that I have already established for my name – but he’ll also sadly be bait for the Terminator.

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