Friday, July 8, 2011

The End

It’s over! I can’t believe that it’s over! 27 weeks just flew by! It’s been by far my most heralded and controversial series of entries – either the critics have applauded my use of the alphabet – or trashed me for my lack of any rhyme or reason to how I posted the alphabet.

I do certain things my own way here on this blog – and I’m sorry if the way I chose to use the alphabet in my entries didn’t jive with you. Maybe you’re just not ready to appreciate my groundbreaking movie blog.

Because I can’t juice this series any further – it’s time to give a small commentary track to the series. It will probably be considered just as controversial – but like I said many times before: That’s what makes me to greatest movie blogger on the internet.

The hardest letter to do was Q – I had only had one Q movie in my collection for the longest time QUILLS – until I traded it! Then one Black Friday super deal came along and I picked up the two new Bond films – I did not like CASINO ROYALE the first time I watched it and hadn’t seen QUANTUM OF SOLACE – but I was bored – they were a couple bucks and I wanted some silly action films to watch. Which still only left me with one Q film in my collection – not that QUIET EARTH had not bounced in and out of my Amazon shopping cart for the past year or so. When I finally decided that I was finally going to purchase it – and it went out of print and used copies were suddenly $30!! I looked for it everywhere for a copy hoping any used movie store I ran into might have an odd copy. I even considered other Q films – none of which were ones I felt I MUST have in my collection – not like QUIET EARTH. So, I kept scoping used prices on Amazon until one day someone posted a like new copy for a reasonable amount – and I snapped it up! Luckily for me – they came through and the copy is pristine!

K, Y and Z were also unfortunate letters to deal with – again having had several titles with those letters at some point – my last collection purge lost me my second titles. I went through the closet and found an odd box full of titles, dug through my cult film box sets and rediscovered a film I had been fascinated with but hadn’t watched in forever.

I wrote out all the titles fairly soon after I decided to do this – but you’d be surprised how many last second (and literally – it would be seconds before the post) – titles were switched out.

With the local Blockbuster closing – I picked up a ton of new titles that could’ve made a few of the letters easier. There was also my discovery of Half-Priced Books – and another local used book/movie/cd store in the area – that I stumbled upon a gift card for. Those two stores added quite a few interesting titles to my collection – and was also a great place to ditch a few stale titles – which could’ve altered my project quite a bit.

Well, that’s a small glimpse of my movie collection – if you want to stop by for a viewing you’re welcomed to.

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