Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Good Way To Die

Every so often that scene from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life goes through my head – the one where the guy pick’s his way of execution and it’s a bunch of naked women chasing him off a cliff. I think to myself – what would be my most ideal death in that vain?

Well, after watching a couple cult films recently my eyes have been opened to the foxy Barbara Bouchet – and I think I’ve got something.

You have Barbara Bouchet, Christina Lindberg, Reiko Ike, Edwige Fenech and Soledad Miranda – at the peak of their beauty – in complete 70’s hair, make-up and clothing – you have them come into a room and beat me to death with flirtatious looks! In 15 minutes – heart attack – dead!

If 15 minutes is too long for you – you just have them come up to me and give me a kiss on the cheek – nothing more. Seriously, they don’t have to do anything more than that – just a kiss on the cheek – heart attack - dead!

Barbara Bouchet

Christina Lindberg
Reiko Ike
Edwige Fenech
Soledad Miranda

Case closed (or should I say 'casket' closed?) - I'd be one happy dead guy!

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