Friday, November 2, 2012

What Would You Have Me Do?

Dear Faithful Reader,

As you have probably guessed - I have taken yet another hiatus from blogging or have quit entirely. Spurred by the Blogger format upgrade and my lack of interest in doing anything other than drinking alone in the dark - I decided to put Southern Train to Doomsday on hold for a while - if not completely cancel it.

The other truth of the matter has been - I haven't been watching enough movies to justify a movie blog - or with the movies that I've been watching I haven't been inspired to write anything about them. To date I've watched 124 films (been tracking them via Twitter) - some of them were films I've seen and written about prior - some I've watched multiple times. Since we're still using a calendar year that gives us 365 days most of the time - two movie reviews a week would be more my speed - but that's only if I felt whatever I watched was worth writing about. Plus, it's only if I was watching movies at regular intervals - but there had been a few months this year I watched maybe one or two movies.

Last thing I really want to do is write for the sake of writing - especially about something I really love. Half-hearted reviews - or reviews that concentrate so much on giving people a synopsis as filler - isn't really something I want to get into. I want to be able to tell the many angles that I think about films.

I've actually started a new blog to play with the new Blogger formatting - it's called 'Signal Jammer!' - and it covers a broader range of my tastes and has more entries about life in general. It's not updated with great frequency for many of the reasons why I haven't updated this blog - but I'm not limiting myself. With 'Signal Jammer!' I decided I didn't want to just blog for the sake of blogging - so I'm not going to do a post of pictures of pretty women - or something like my very popular Ewan McGregor post - and no more Monday Muzak - those were just fillers.

This post isn't an advertisement though for the new blog - it's more of a - "Hey, I've got a spare moment! Why don't I write something for Southern Train for the hell of it just to prove I'm not dead?" If you wanted to check out 'Signal Jammer!' you can - if you don't - that's cool too. On a personal note I really like the look of the new format as a reader - it's very slick.

Well, this beginning of the month end of the week boredom is taking a toll on my desire to finish this entry. Why is the end of the month so insane but the beginning of the month so dull? It's time for me to find an appropriate picture to post on this entry and figure out how to make one of those 'Signal Jammer!' references a link - and close the book on this. I'm not sure how much I'll update either blog - but I don't think I'm ready to call either dead.

Have a great Friday!

Your pal,

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