Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Video Game Challenge - Progress of weekend Oct 29 & 30

Other than playing a couple hours of Lego Pirates – I didn’t do much gaming this weekend. I have been a little concerned about burning myself out prior to SKYRIM’s release on 11/11/11.

I kind of wish there was more information floating around out there about the game. I’ve been curious as to the different “races” in the game. I will usually play a human character in whatever game I get a “race” choice – but I’m thinking wood elf sounds like the kind of character I want to play in SKYRIM – but I’m not sure – as there doesn’t appear to be THAT much info on the game out there right now.

People talk about Oblivion too much when in regards to SKYRIM – which makes me kick myself for not playing Oblivion first. I think the last sword and sorcery game that I played was Might & Magic: The Clouds of Xeen – I loved that game. You got a group of 5 characters – different classes and races – and you go adventuring. Then Might & Magic turned into a conquest strategy game – and I moved on with my game playing – playing mostly baseball games and Sims games – with casual Mario games mixed in.

That is until I watched my brother play Fallout 3 – then I decided I must own an XBOX 360 – and play THAT GAME!!! That story is amusing to me because when the Wii came out I told my brother I wanted to get an XBOX – and he was so into his Wii that he shot down that idea – brought up all these negative aspects of it (which I agreed with) – and took the wind out of my sails. I went to Australia on business – received a big payday out of all that travel time – and bought a Wii (based on my brother’s glowing reviews and the high fail rate on the XBOX). The Wii was fun – but when I told my brother about my purchase – he told me how much fun he was having with his XBOX – the system he kept convincing me NOT to get.

Well, my thumbs have still been sore due to all my button mashing games – and texting – so I think a weekend of no real gaming was important. Gotta recharge them thumbs. Of course this means in the 11 days that I’ve got left – I will probably fail my challenge – with only 2 games completed out of the 4.

The Saboteur came up a couple random places this weekend while I was goofing off on the intertubes – and my interest was elevated a bit into playing it again – but never got around to it.

Amazon and Target are having buy 2 get one free sales on really good selections of games – but I’ll hold strong in the belief that I will not get to enjoy them once SKYRIM comes out (plus as much as I want to spend it – I ain’t got the scratch). Still the temptation... The trials... 10 days!


  1. Den of Geek has a descent hands on review of Skyrym. It is the Elder Scroll world and that is a bit different than standard fantasy, but just enough to not get lawyers involved. There are elves dark and wood,humans of differing regions, cat people, orcs and lizard people as playable races. Each has their own strengths/weakeness but they aren't that glaring. Then you have the standard classes with spells/ abilities that are just different enough to not get lawyers involved.

    Oblivion was fun stuff. Skyrym looks to be the same. Bethesda hasn't done me wrong yet.

    I am getting twitchy waiting for the release..10 more days and then my "LIFE FOR YOU SKYRYM!"

  2. I've been hunting down the tidbits - from sites like Kotaku, the Bethblog, wiki's and the TES web-site - mostly watching the gameplay videos (the game looks epic and beautiful) - but those dirty details that I'm wanting to delve into - that when brought up people seem to gloss them over referring back to Oblivion.

    There's part of me vey thankful to be partially in the dark - so there are plenty of surprises - but there's that nagging part that wants to spoil it all. I pre-ordered the guide too - but it will ship late - so it will be interesting....

    I took the 11th off - and I'm thinking of "live" blogging my SKYRIM adventures all day/weekend - I hope UPS doesn't drop it off at 5 or something... TEN DAYS!!!

  3. The guide is not essential, but it is. There is soo much crap in these games you miss a ton without a guide. I'll get it when I get the game. Then it is full Skyrym weekend with a break for Walking Dead.