Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video Game Challenge - Progress of weekend Sept 24 & 25

As I predicted – LuLu politely listened then called me a nerd – and Toad is unresponsive (probably rolling his eyes) – so since it’s of interest to me I’ll blog about it.

My video game challenge is going like this after this past weekend.

Fallout: New Vegas: Apparently, I’m at the point of no return. If I go and talk to one character – the entire region erupts in war – and once I complete the war – the game is over. Not in a Fallout 3 – download the expansion and you get to keep playing after the credits roll sense of over – it’s over over. Even if I want to play Old World Blues or Dead Money expansions – I will have to start from an old save file.

This gives me pause.

Do I complete the game? Or do I continue to fuck around?

For example - I cleared the way to recruit all the possible followers (achievement points – yay!) – but declined each opportunity when originally presented and decided to keep Veronica because she was able to use this really great weapon I found (which she went and fucking lost between saves – stupid fucking glitches!). So, do I go with the points – and possible extra side quests? Or just wrap this fucker up? Which is the whole point of my challenge!


Speaking of fucking around in this game - I do really want to walk into the Ultra Luxe casino and shoot the place up with a mini-gun - it's not a side quest or anything - it's just something that needs to be done (even if I don't save it)

The Saboteur: Still not sure how far I am – I could check that little percentage thingy in the game – but I was wrapping shit up in New Vegas. I checked fairly early on and it said 15% - and that was after not doing much – so I’m betting I’m around 40% or so by now.

Crysis 2: Still in the cellophane – but I think it shifted around in the drawer when I opened it – so it has at least moved since last update.

I’ve got 46 days until Skyrim is released – and my challenge should be completed! I may have to play a bit more than just weekend mornings - and with my lack of interest in any TV shows that aren't BREAKING BAD and COMMUNITY - I may take up doing some night-gaming...


  1. I have to beat Gears 3 and Bioshock 2 befroe I get Rage and then Skyrim after that. I know all too well the video game pressure before a new release.

    Passed on New Vegas, but have loved all the Fallout games since the original.

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion is worth a play if you liked Fallout 3. It is pretty stellar and with man crush, Sean Bean, and Captain Picard doing voices it only makes it better.

  2. There had been so many times I was at the Disc Replay with Bioshock 2 in my hand - but the combination of mixed reviews and having games to complete already made me put it back... Then I saw the preview for Bioshock Infinite - and I nearly wet myself! So, I think I might hold off until that one...

    New Vegas is fun but the little glitches have started to catch up to me - some quests just don't trigger/the freeze ups/Veronica losing Pushy between saves - get it on the cheap (I picked up a second copy for my bro for a penny)... It's still fun - just not as great as Fallout 3...

    I'm interested in Rage - I think with the product placement in BREAKING BAD has got me wanting to try it out. As long as you don't report me to Microsoft - I will admit that I haven't played a Gears game... YET... The more I see of the series the more I'm surprised I haven't tried it...

    Any time I think about trying Oblivion - I go and check YouTube gameplay videos (as I do for most games) - and I'm not sure if I'm seeing heavily mod'ed games or what - but I always run into a video (different each time) that turns me off of the game - though I hear great things about it and the comparisons to FO3 make me really interested... I was going to ask to borrow it from my brother but I noticed he just started playing it all over again - so SKYRIM it is for me...