Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank goodness - a brand new movie blog!

Why in the world does the interwebs need another movie blog? What am I bringing to the table that is worth reading? With all these other blogs with actual movie news and professional reviews – another aspiring whatever doesn’t stand a chance in the fast paced hustle bustle world of movie blogging! Just stop get out now before you embarrass yourself!

You bring up some good points. (Or I guess I do)

Well, I guess I’m not bringing anything BIG to the table – I’m no insider or anything. It’s just movies make me happy – and talking about them is fun. So, I’m going to talk movies. Not just new movies – any movie that catches my eye. People’s fascination with celebrities is pretty funny – so I’ll probably poke fun at them. I’ll post trailers and other fun stuff. I’m also hoping I could get a couple friends to put up a few entries – which could act as a counterpoint or something simply different.

And there’s one other reason why I’ve decided to start my own movie blog…

There’s a certain professional movie blog I’ve gone to over the years – and it’s considered really good – nominated for web awards and such. Well, this particular site has become a fanboy site – always with the news about certain big budget Hollywood summer popcorn flicks. Or with pictures of the bloggers hanging with movie people and bragging about their experiences and their opinions have changed regarding certain types of movies due to those grand experiences. To me I’ve lost all interest in their site when their credibility went out the door.

If they can do it – and be considered one of the best – I think I can do it no problem.

Well, I hope you stick around and contribute to the conversation.

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